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Project Description

Regex Lab .NET is a full-featured application for editing regular expressions. The application features a modern, highly functional UI allowing increased productivity when writing or debugging regular expression patterns.


  • Simple, elegant UI
  • Supports all regex operations: matches, replacements and splits
  • Detailed match analysis with group breakdown
  • Syntax-highlighted editor with unlimited undo-redo buffer
  • Live highlighting of matches as text is typed
  • Regex Workbench pattern analysis
  • Save and load expressions
  • Generate code in C#, VB.NET and Javascript
  • Built-in search engine
  • Built-in MSDN documentation browser
  • No 3rd party dependencies - just a single executable file


Next Version

I am also working on a new version which would consist of a full rewrite. Next version features planned so far:

  • Scintilla-based editors (using ScintillaNET project)
  • Ribbon UI with full regex elements and integrated documentation (using Windows Ribbon for WinForms project)
  • Pattern builder UI (inspired from RegexBuddy)
  • Rex integration for pattern exploration
  • Better pattern analysis presentation (analysis based on Regex Workbench)

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