Keep CRs in Replaced Text when matching one string per line

Jul 17, 2013 at 6:39 PM
When using the option "Text to Match | One string per line" on a list of Text to Match, the Replaced Text view is ignoring the CR or CR+LF markers at the end of each line.

For example:
  • Pattern: ^(Birth|1 Month|[0-9]+ Months)
  • Replace: 0 YRS
  • Sample text:
Birth to 25 Years
18 Years and up
Birth to 18 Years
  • Replaced Text:
0 YRS to 25 Years18 Years and up0 YRS to 18 Years
I expected that Replaced Text would show it this way:
0 YRS to 25 Years
18 Years and up
0 YRS to 18 Years
When I cut-and-pasted the Replaced Text into this discussion, the text did have CRs included, so I think it's just the way that the Replaced Text view is showing it.

I just started using this app and I love it. I hope you're still keeping up with it. ;o)